Hello my name is Earl. I’ve always been interested in art and the creative process. From reproducing some of my favorite childhood artists work like Shel Silverstein and Jim Davis to taking every class I could involving art at school. For most of my childhood I had always wanted to be a cartoonist until my junior year of high school I took a yearbook class and really enjoyed it. It was then I decided I wanted to be a graphic designer. So from that point on my focus has been solely on graphic design.

I started off by heading down to Phoenix, Arizona (I know quite a change from Oregon) to attend the Al Collins School of Graphic Design. I acquired my associates in visual art and communication while there, and then headed back home. I started work at a local sign shop in Salem for a few months before moving to Portland to see what I could find up there. I quickly found a job at Fastsigns. I started off with sales, then sign production and finally to my desired position of computer designing signs. Now I know that sign work is considered the burger flipper equivalent to graphic design, but it was very beneficial to developing my skills.

Into my sixth year with Fastsigns I decided to go back to school. I looked around and found the Art Institute was opening a new school in the Pearl District in Portland. I was one of the first students to attend the new location and loved it. While simultaneously working full time and attending The Art institute part time I earned my Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design.  I interned at Bradshaw Advertising and learned a great deal while there. During this time I transitioned my employment from Fastsigns to Signs Now.

After four years of employment with Signs Now my wife and I had a baby girl. We decided it best if I stayed home to take care of our daughter and she continue to work. During this time I had to figure out a way to contribute to the family financially. My friend and fellow stay at home dad and I came up with the idea of starting a sign and design business. It would combine the two worlds of sign design and graphic design. This is so customers don’t have to bounce around and find someone to do their website, then someone else to print their shirts and design there logo, we’ll do it all. If we can’t produce it in house we will project manage the job and ensure it is done right, leaving the customer time to deal with the task of running a business. We can produce and submit files for advertisements & print work. We can also produce websites and everything imaginable with sign, banner & vehicle graphics.

As we sit today my partner has gone one to other ventures and I remain here to grow the company, and take care of my now two kids. I have a love and passion about my work and believe in this business. I care & respect my customers and treat them as if they were friends. From a single decal task to a large start to finish business branding task I’m up for it. Who am I? I’m Earl Bruce and I love to design.